Agricultural Waste

Innovative Solutions for Animal Waste

Farmers, ranchers, and others involved in raising livestock are aware of the unpleasant and potentially toxic effects of ammonia and sulfide gas generated from animal waste. In areas where animals are contained, urine can result in ammonia levels that can adversely affect the health of animals. Facilities designed to treat manure may emit offensive sulfide odors as waste is broken down anaerobically.

Eco Scientific, Inc. (ESI) offers a line of products and systems designed to improve conditions for animals and those responsible for their care. Our products consist of completely safe, non-toxic, patented formulas that pose no health threat to humans or animals. ESI will provide technical support to address the specific conditions at your facility. Product delivery equipment can be provided by ESI as a complete system, or products can be dispensed with other appropriate equipment. Either way ESI will provide technical support to assure successful odor reduction.

Our systems have been used successfully worldwide for controlling odors and improving the performance of waste management facilities. There are two areas in livestock facilities where ESI products can be beneficial: the liquid waste storage lagoon, and the animal confinement area.

Storage Lagoon with Existing Crusting Problems
This situation requires our Eco-Ag Concentrate product.  This product is available in a variety of sizes, from 1 gallon bottles to 55 gallon drums, and is diluted with water to enable an even coverage of the lagoon surface.  The product is applied once per week until the crusting problem is resolved, and then periodically as needed.

Sulfide Odors in the Storage Lagoon Area
A note on odor control is important here. There are two types of odors we can deal with in the storage lagoon area.  One type of odor is the odor of un-stabilized sludge. This would be present in and around the pond, and especially when the sludge is sprayed onto a field at the end of the season. Most of this odor is controlled using Eco-Ag Concentrate.  However, if sulfide is the main problem, Eco-Ag Sulf-X Concentrate is diluted with water and applied directly to the pond. Eco-Ag Sulf-X Concentrate contains a unique, patent-pending mix of bacteria and nutrients that function  to eliminate the ability of anaerobic bacteria to convert sulfate to sulfide. This product is completely non-toxic and non-pathogenic, and is not genetically engineered in any way. Only Eco-Ag Sulf-X Concentrate has the ability to stop sulfide production in anaerobic pits without use of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and potassium permanganate.