EcoClear Aquaculture Products for Ammonia and Nitrite Toxicity

Two Main Project Classifications to Consider                                              

There are two main distinctions that we will make. The first is freshwater vs. saltwater. Be sure that we know the salinity or fish type, and use the appropriate product. Here is the cut-off:

For specific gravity of 1.00 (purely freshwater) up to 1.013 (0% to 1.5% salinity, or brackish water) use Freshwater EcoClear.
For specific gravity of 1.013 to 1.03 (1.5% to 4% salinity) use the Saltwater EcoClear.

The second main distinction is “highly intensive aquaculture” or large pond aquaculture. For highly intensive aquaculture, there is a high fish density and a higher feeding density,and the cut-off in pond or tank volume is 400,000 liters. For these smaller volume, high intensity jobs, we will generally use bottled products rather than systems.

Dose Rates for High Intensity, Low Volume Aquaculture 

Use the following dose chart. In all cases, provide an initial dose. Then allow one week to elapse and use the second column, or weekly doses:

For larger systems we have a number of options, from both our ready to use products, or on-site bioreactor systems that enable the product to be processed at the facility.  For more information on bioreactor systems please contact ESI