EcoAg Products

EcoAg  Products for Agricultural Facilities

ESI offers a line of products for the control of both sulfide and ammonia odors, and improved operations of animal waste facilities.

EcoAg Sulf-X is sold as a ready to use product, and does not require a Delivery System. EcoAg Sulf-X contains a unique, patent-pending mix of bacteria and nutrients that functions to simultaneously promote light-initiated consumption of sulfide by sulfur-oxidizing bacteria and to eliminate the ability of anaerobic bacteria to convert sulfate to sulfide. This dual action allows the product to perform either in the light (such as sludge storage ponds) or in the dark (sewer collection lines or closed digesters or waste tanks). This product is completely non-toxic and non-pathogenic, and is not genetically engineered in any way. EcoAg Sulf-X is the only product we know of that actually prevents sulfide formation in anaerobic environments without harming anaerobic digestion in any way, In fact, by preventing sulfide formation, anaerobic digestion is enhanced, making EcoAg Sulf-X particularly valuable in anaerobic treatment of high-strength organic wastes.

EcoAg Amm-X is also sold as a ready to use product. EcoAg Amm-X is a unique blend of non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and completely sterile but bacterially based ammonia binders and oxidizers. EcoAg Amm-X is thoroughly sterilized by ultra violet light prior to bottling. That means that it can be used in sensitive applications such as hog confinementpits and chicken farms. In these sites, ammonia gas is often a severe animal and worker health problem. Application of EcoAg Amm-X via a spray unit will eliminate ammonia odors within an hour or two.