EcoBac Products

EcoBac Products for Solubilization of Grease and Sludge in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

EcoBac is a line of powdered bacterial products and systems designed to solubilize and digest grease and sludge in wastewater collection and treatment facilities. EcoBac products generally require a Bioreactor System. These can be supplied by ESI directly, or ESI can give you the parameters needed to fabricate Bioreactor Systems at your facility. These Bioreactor Systems are extremely easy to use, and greatly improve product performance and cost-effectiveness.Powdered EcoBac has the economy of long shelf life, plus low storage and transportation costs. While EcoBac can also be sold as ready to use liquid products for smaller applications, the vast majority of EcoBac sales are of the powdered formulation.EcoBac powders consist of a blend of dried bacteria and nutriens to enable on-site processing of bacteria and enzymes using ESI bioreactor systems.  The powders are contained in plastic bags and are available in many sizes, depending on the size bioreactor system and the treatment your facility.EcoBac System  –  A Specialized Formulation of Bacteria and Nutrients to Improve the Solubilization and Digestion of Organic WasteWastewater treatment professionals must deal with the build up of grease and sludge in municipal and industrial treatment and collection system components. This situation requires costly mechanical removal and disposal of grease and sludge, and can impact the performance of treatment and collection facilities.The EcoBac is an improvement of patented technology. With our products and systems you receive completely natural, non-engineered bacteria and enzymes that have been selected for their ability to solubilize and digest grease and sludge. The EcoBac involves the use of a bioreactor tank and a supply of dried bacteria and nutrients along with the technology to grow vast numbers of specific bacteria and enzymes at the site for easy and cost-effective dosage to the treatment and collection components as needed.Advantages of the EcoBac System

  • Final effluent will be improved.
  • Changes in plant operations will not be necessary.
  • Only non-pathogenic, non-hazardous, non-toxic bacteria and enzymes in vast numbers will be
  • Only minutes per day are required to dose EcoBac products.
  • EcoBac products improve the digestion of grease and sludge within sewer lines and lift stations.


EcoBac Product Does Charts


The EcoBac Systems are designed to solubilize and digest grease, fat, and sludge. Our current formula has grease, fat and sludge reduction all in one product. Below are the dosage rates for the 3 products: EcoBac I, II, and III.


EcoBac I. One bag will treat up to 1,250,000 gallons per day. Unlike other production, it does not need to go in every single day, depending on the type of plant. EcoBac I requires the use of 55-gallon bioreactor tank. The system usually operates on a 48-hour cycle, so if you use 3 bags per week, you can use one tank. But to go with 7 does per week, you must have 2 tanks. The recommended dosage chart follows:



EcoBac II. This product is meant for between 1.25 MGD up to 6.25 MGD. As opposed to EcoBac I, EcoBac II requires the use of a 250-gallon bioreactor tank for each batch. The recommended dosage chart follows:



EcoBac III.  This product is meant for between 6.25 MGD up to 12.5 MGD.  EcoBac III requires the use of a 500 gallon bioreactor tank for each batch.  The recommended dosage chart follows



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