Pond Treatment

Algae and Organic Sediment Reduction 

Solve Algae Problems – Without Harsh Chemicals

Golf course superintendents, municipal service departments, home owners and others face a challenging problem in controlling algae blooms in nutrient rich water hazards, storm control basins and decorative ponds. Algae blooms not only detract from the appearance of ponds, but also cause excess sludge accumulation, which may require costly dredging and disposal. Typical algae control methods, such as copper sulfate and dyes, result in ponds which are toxic to aquatic life and lack a natural appearance.

EcoClear Products

The ESI EcoClear System consists of 100% natural, non-pathogenic bacteria which out-compete algae for essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.  The result is a dramatically reduced growth of algae, improved water quality, and a pond which enhances golf course aesthetics.

Use of the EcoClear System takes little time, and the procedures for mixing and application are easy to include into a weekly program.  We will design a system specifically for your ponds and the special conditions at your your facility. EcoClear is available as a ready to use liquid for most applications, but for large ponds and lakes ESI can design a bioreactor system to enable processing of the product at your facility.  The bioreactor systems enable a cost effective solution, avoiding shipping costs of large volumes of liquid products.

Our system has been successfully used for controlling algae blooms in ponds of varying sizes for over 15 years.  

Before Treatment

With the EcoClear System

EcoClear is a line of products and systems that reduce nutrients such as ammonia and nitrites, improving water quality and reducing excessive algae growth in ponds and wastewater lagoons by introducing vast numbers of nitrifying bacteria. Algae reduction is important for aesthetic purposes in sites such as golf courses and decorative ponds. Larger EcoClear applications may include a Bioreactor System provided on-site.  These systems drastically improves the cost-effectiveness of EcoClear products. Each Bioreactor System is simple to operate and requires no special training or maintenance. EcoClear products can also be sold as ready-to-use products for smaller applications. Ammonia and nitrite reduction and algae control technology is a major part of our product line.

Eco Scientific, Inc. markets EcoClear for treating water gardens, ponds, lakes, and wastewater treatment lagoons.  The following is an explanation of the mechanism of action of our products.

For small ponds, dose rates are based on pond volume.  Weekly dose rates for small ponds are below.

     Volume                              Weekly Dose

up to1,000 gallons                     2 ounces

up to 5,000 gallons                    6 ounces

up to 15,000 gallons                  10 ounces

up to 50,000 gallons                  32 ounces

For larger ponds, dose rates are based on surface area.  Weekly dose rates are below.

    Area                                   Weekly Dose

1 – 12 acres                            1 gallon/acre

12 – 50 acres                           1/2 gallon/acre

50+ acres                                Contact Us

Meadowlands Country Club uses EcoClear Pond Treatment in several ponds to control excessive algae and improve pond water quality.

Summary Description

Our EcoClear works by out competing algae for nutrients in the water and by digesting organic sediment. The bacterial species involved are:

  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bacillus amyloliquiefaciens
  • Nitrosomonas
  • Nitrobacter
  • Cellulomonas biazotea

The key algae reduction mechanism of the EcoClear product is to out compete algae and other nuisance species for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and soluble orthophosphate. In the EcoClear product there are both heterotrophic and nitrifying bacteria. All of these bacteria will assimilate nitrogen and phosphorus and incorporate it via cell growth and reproduction. Through nitrification, denitrification, and rapid growth on soluble pollutants, EcoClear bacteria will out compete the excess algae for these nutrients. Algae starve, die, and are then digested by other EcoClear bacteria. As for the effect on various aquatic plants, here are some details: Effect of Products on Various Aquatic Plants

For discussion purposes, we differentiate into 4 groups: algae, floating aquatic plants, submerged weeds, and emergent weeds. Here is our definition and some examples for each.

A. Algae

Primitive plants closely related to fungi. No true leaves, stems, or root systems. Over 20,000 species have been identified. There are three primary forms in the ponds we treat: planktonic, filamentous, and attached-erect.
EcoClear is quite effective against all of these forms. For one, they derive all of their nutrients directly from the water. And they only use simple nitrogen and phosphorous forms, and lack the ability to draw nutrients from soil or elsewhere. These species are the most closely related to bacteria, and use similar nutrients. That is why EcoClear competes very effectively with algae.

B. Floating Aquatic Plants

These float on the surface and some species are also rooted on the bottom of the pond. Freefloating plants are also sometimes included in this group. Plants within this group include duckweed, watermeal, water hyacinth, water lily, and watershield. In general, vascular plants such as these are not affected by EcoClear products.

C. Submerged Weeds

The class includes those plants that are rooted at the bottom but are completely submerged.  These are usually flaccid, and lack rigid structures. Common species include pondweed, milfoil, and elodea.

We have found that when EcoClear treatment begins early in the season these types of plants are suppressed. We have data on Eurasian Milfoil, in particular. In some cases people have claimed that EcoClear has reduced an existing weed problem, but in most cases best results are obtained when applied before these weeds have become dominant. EcoClear does not affect vascular floating plants such as water lilies or hyacinths.

D. Emergent Weeds

These grow above the water in shallow areas. These are generally rigid, and do not always depend on water saturation for survival. Species include cattail and bulrush.

EcoClear products do not significantly affect these types of plants.

EcoClear bacteria are primarily effective against those organisms most
closely related, namely, various algae species.

Estate Golf Course uses EcoClear Pond Treatment in the water hazards to control excessive algae growth and organic sediment accumulation.


EcoSocks Products for Convenient Slow Release Treatment in Ponds: EcoSock-P

EcoSocks are also very effective in treatment of excessive algae in ponds.  Typically used in combination with EcoClear products, control of excessive algae growth improves pond water quality by slow release of bacteria that remove nutrients that lead to excessive algae, both planktonic and filamentous species.  EcoSocks are effective for at least one month after placement.  After one month they can be removed and composted, and replaced with a new EcoSock.

All ponds are unique, but generally the following doses will be effective:

  Area                           Dose Rate

0.25 acre               1 EcoSock per month

0.5 acre                 2 EcoSocks per month

1 acre                   3 EcoSocks per month

1.5 acres               4 EcoSocks per month

2 acres                  5 EcoSocks per month

3 acres                  6 EcoSocks per month

4 acres                  7 EcoSocks per month

5 acres                  8 EcoSocks per month  

CLEAN-FLO Aeration Equipment

Most Eco Scientific, Inc. products consist of  bacterial and enzyme products that work best in an aerobic environment.  As such, in situations where there may be a lack of dissolved ozygen and water circulation, whether in lakes, ponds, water gardens, or wastewater treatment lagoons, we can provide a complete program of biological products and aeration equipment to resolve water quality issues in any size water body.

Our association with Clean-Flo enables us to provide our customers with state of the art aeration equipment, specifically designed for the needs of our customers.  ESI can assist our customers through design, installation, and continued maintenance of ponds to assure the desired results.  Whether you want us to install and apply needed equipment and biological products, or just consultation and delivery services, we will work with you to arrive at the most cost effective solutions.

See our affiliate CLEAN-FLO