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Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Town of Salisbury, Massachusetts first contacted Eco Scientific, Inc. in the summer of 2010.  At the time the town’s wastewater treatment lagoons were having problems with high ammonia in the effluent.  The facility includes a 5 million gallon primary pond and a 7 million gallon secondary pond.  The average daily flow is 750,000 gallons per day.  The Town of Salisbury began using products from Eco Scientific, Inc. in 2010 in an attempt to improve performance of the aerated lagoons.  Due to the positive results using the EcoClear products, Salisbury has continued using both the EcoClear Concentrate product as well as the EcoClear Bioreactor products.

We have been very satisfied with the products and service offered by Eco Scientific, Inc., and plan on continuing the EcoClear program in the future.

Jeff Ingalls, Chief Operator

Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant

125 Elm St.

Salisbury, MA 01952




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